Two Models of the Reading Process


 Model # 1 – Reading Strategies

This model focuses on the strategies that readers use to read and comprehend print material. Strong readers use all three simultaneously.

Your student may need practice in strengthening one, or all, of them. Here are some techniques to zero in on specific areas of weakness.

Reading Activities to Strengthen Meaning Strategies
  • Discuss the topic before and after reading.
  • Take time to look at illustrations.
  • Make connections with the reader’s own experience.
  • Ask, “What do you think will happen next?”
  • Expand the story by asking what the scene looks like, who’s there, what the characters are feeling.
  • Give cloze exercises (more about this later)
Reading Activities to Strengthen Structure Strategies
  • Take turns reading aloud.
  • Do paired reading (more about this later).
  • Choose text that uses familiar speech patterns (i.e. that sounds like everyday spoken language).
  • Have student make new sentences with words from reading passage.
  • Give cloze exercises (more about this later)
  • Use groups of sentences with repeating patterns as a warm-up.
  • Ask, “Does that sound right?” “Is that how you would say it?”.
Reading Activities to Strengthen Visual Strategies
  • Do paired reading (more about this later).
  • Start a personal dictionary with newly acquired sight words.
  • Use Language Experience (more about this later).
  • Give fill-in-the-missing-letters exercises. (We_ne_d_y)
  • Draw attention to word shapes. Compare words that look similar. Point out how words look different.
  • Work on phonetic elements that are not yet known.
  • Break words into syllables and word parts (e.g. prefixes and suffixes)


Model # 2 – Levels of Understanding

If you’ve read the article (The Shower) that was given out in Session 2, you’ll recognize this model. It views the reading process in terms of the depth of understanding employed in getting meaning from, and bringing meaning to, text.

Here are questions that help boost your student’s ability to read on all three levels:

Explicit (just the facts) Inferential (between the lines) Experiential (beyond the lines)
When did this happen? Why do you think she said that? Do you agree with the writer?
What’s the name of the person being interviewed? Why do think this issue is causing so much debate? Do you think the judge made the right decision?
How much is the damage estimated at? What do you think will happen next? Would you like to read more about this topic?
How many people were killed? Which side does the writer seem to be on? Has this ever happened to you or to anyone you know?


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