Theme 6: Keeping Fit


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Theme Guide for Keeping Fit

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Fascinating Me

Nurturing Self-Esteem

Getting Enough Exercise

Heart Rates

Taking Your Pulse (also available at

Time Marches On

How Many is That?

Active Bodies, Active Minds


Taking Your Pulse:

Physical Activity Guides for Children, Youths and Adults:

girl_boy_girl.jpgChildren’s Program

Children’s Program for Keeping Fit

planeAbove and Beyond

  • Find out about exercise classes, sports clubs or hiking clubs in your community.
  • Browse the Health Canada website for more physical activity ideas.
  • Take your pulse during different levels of activity and convert to beats per minute. Compare with the graphs in the Heart Rates handout.
  • Organize a games afternoon for the UPP participants’ children.
  • Make a certificate for your child in recognition of something he or she has done well.