Theme 4: Shopping and Budgeting


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Shopping and Budgeting Theme

resources-1.jpgAdditional Resources

Fixed and Variable Expenses

Coffee Shop and Lemonade Stand Instructions

printer.jpg Materials to Print Out

Which one is cheapest?

Working with Percents


The Flyer as a Learning Tool

Addressing an Envelope

Writing a Personal Letter

The Ads are Out to Get You

Rules For Advertising to Kids

Monthly Budgets

Make a Pie Chart



Coffee Shop and Lemonade Stand

Change Maker

Budget Guidelines

girl_boy_girl.jpgChildren’s Program

Children’s Program for Shopping and Budgeting

planeAbove and Beyond

  • Brush up on money math skills: adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing, percent
  • Take an introductory course in Microsoft Excel ( or use the search words “excel tutorial” to find other similar sites)
  • Learn more about reading food labels at Follow the links > Eat Well, Live Well > The Virtual Grocery Store.
  • Use Gail Vaz-Oxlade’s website at to learn more about budgeting