Theme 3: Healthy Eating


chevrons.gif Theme Guide

Theme Guide for Healthy Eating


resources-1.jpgAdditional Resources

Paragraph Sandwich

Super See Through

printer.jpg Materials to Print Out

Food Sayings

Canada’s Food Guide (get pdf download, both viewing version and printer-friendly version) (Or order print copies from the Health Canada website.)

Canada’s Food Guide – First Nations, Inuit and Métis (get pdf download, both viewing version and printer-friendly version) (Or order print copies; see above.)

Canada’s Food Guide Questions

Create Your Own Food Guide

Recommended Daily Servings

There’s no Mystery about Metric

Food for Thought, pages 8 – 11, 20 – 24

Food at Work

Parents’ help line

UPP with Bread

UPP with Metric Bread

Healthy Snacks

Bisphenol A- Is it safe?



Canada’s Food Guide

Links to food puzzles (scroll down)

Food Concentration

What’s That Food Word?

Food Guide Word Search

Food for Thought

Early Literacy and Nutrition Activity Cards

Nutrition Videos

Community Food Advisor Program

Free teaching resources

girl_boy_girl.jpgChildren’s Program

Children’s Program for Healthy Eating

planeAbove and Beyond

  • Brush up on basic fractions and metric math needed for cooking
  • Search for child-friendly recipes on the Internet and compile a personal cook booklet.
  • Learn more about text formatting and graphic layout.
  • Take a small group on a supermarket tour. Give specific research topics.
  • Explore a variety of healthy, low-cost meals.
  • Keep a food journal for a whole week and compare food intake to the recommended servings in Canada’s Food Guide.
  • Design a series of survey questions about eating habits (e.g. Which do you buy most often—whole grain or white bread?). Survey others at the learning centre about food habits. Present the results in a bar graph.
  • Explore the website (especially Eat Well, Live Well).