Teaching Vocabulary

Teaching Vocabulary

Young children learn new words by:

  • Taking part in everyday conversations with adults and peers about the world around them
  • Being read to

Older children can learn vocabulary by:

  • Taking part in conversations
  • Being read to
  • By the reading they do themselves

The two ways to teach vocabulary, especially with school-age children are:

  1. Directly teaching children the meanings of specific words
  2. Providing strategies to learn new words that are found in text.
  • Use dictionaries, encyclopedias
  • Use word parts, root words and so on
  • Use context clues

Choose the words to be taught directly carefully.

Make sure these words are:

  • Important to understanding the text
  • Often used or seen in text

Be aware of words that are difficult because they have many meanings or look the same as other words. Children will need more help to learn these words.