Session 7 – Resources

Learning Outcomes:
Choose and create learning materials to match your student’s goals, interests and skill levels.


This week’s assignment was given out, on paper, by Stacy at Session 6. It’s intended to be done in a group. If you were present, you will now know who the members of your group are. You may already have divided up the assignment among yourselves. If you weren’t at Session 6, you should contact Stacy and/or pick up the assignment from the front desk.

Below is some information about Clear Language and Readability that will help you with the assignment.

Bring this assignment to Session 8.

Clear Language

The Case for Clear Language

What is Clear Language?

CLAD This Toronto site gives an excellent overview of the process and the issues in Clear Language.

Readability Levels

The Fry Readability Test allows you to check the level of difficulty in a prose text. We’ve discussed the fact that grade levels are not useful for describing adult skill levels. But guess what? Grade levels are used to describe readability levels.

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