Real Life Math

What images do you associate with the word “math”? For some it conjures up memories of algebraic formulas, mind-bending word problems and those agonizing minutes spent waiting for the bell to end calculus class. But most likely you’ve realized that math concepts are part of almost every aspect of our waking hours. Here’s a website that talks about everyday math.

When tutoring math, make sure that your student has a chance to put the skills to work in a real-life, relevant context. The following table gives a few ideas of real-life situations you could use as examples.


Math Concept

You wake up and check the clock. reading a scale, recognizing numerals
You work out how long you can lie in bed before you have to get up. adding, subtracting
You reach for your underwear and find that the elastic is all stretched out. You replace it quickly with new elastic. estimating, measuring
You notice that there’s just enough bread for each member of the family to have half a slice of toast. multiplying, dividing, fractions
You check your city map to find the street location of your first appointment today. coordinate geometry
While riding the bus to work, you calculate how much you’ll have to put into an RRSP to avoid paying any more income tax. algebra


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