The Reading Lesson Plan



Make sure your student knows something about the topic. Chat a bit about the topic. This makes it easier for your student to predict words. Words that you think will be very difficult could be written down, broken into syllables and sounded out together.

The Reading

Choose the best method: will you use paired reading, will your student read out loud alone, will you take turns, will you each read it silently? Think about modeling a reading strategy for your student, or asking them to model one back to you.

Ask the student to look out for certain things – details, mood, etc.

Make mental notes of any difficulties so that you can do follow-up work on them.


Work on a few of the difficulties that showed up during the reading (not all!)

If some words were hard to read, zero in and sound them out, break them into syllables, ask what word logically fits there, etc.

Teach the meanings of new words, giving examples in new sentences.

Ask questions that help the student understand the whole story: main idea, sequence of events, predicting what will happen next, reading between the lines, and expressing opinions about what was read.

There might be a follow-up writing activity. We’ll talk about that in Session 4.

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