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Reading and Parents Program

The first Reading and Parents Program (RAPP) pack was developed in 1990. It was designed to encourage family reading and help parents support their children’s emergent literacy skill development.

The RAPP pack contains a quality children’s book, reading and language hints, a craft idea, and poetry and activity sheets all relating to the theme of the book.

The packs can be easily adapted to produce packs that are individually suited for loaning to all families who have children aged from birth to 10 years, regardless of the size of the family.

In most cases, the books chosen to become RAPP packs have language-rich content and are suitable for children from two to five years.

The reading and language hints help parents understand how to make more of the shared reading experience with their children. While the Reading Hints encourage parents to ask questions about the book, the Language Hints give ideas of how to extend the content of the book into daily life.

As with all the RAPP pack contents, the craft is related to the theme of the book. There is a brief explanation of how to complete the simple craft included in each pack.

Poetry and finger play is also included in the RAPP packs. Not only do children learn from repetition, rhyme and rhythm, it’s also an excellent way for children and parents to interact. Additionally, for those children who learn best by moving, finger plays and rhyming songs are great ways to move and learn at the same time.

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