Multicultural RAPP Manual


RAPP The Multicultural Collection entire book (large file, may take a while to download)

The Multicultural Reading And Parents Program (RAPP) Collection celebrates the cultural diversity of Canada. Each RAPP pack focuses on a quality children’s book and includes reading, language and hints, a craft idea, poetry and activity sheets. The materials are easily adapted to produce packs that are individually suited for loaning to all families who have children aged from birth to eight years, regardless of the size of the family.

You may download the entire Multicultural RAPP Collection or just the sections that you want. You may photocopy the templates.

The books in this collection are appealing and culturally diverse. If you do not own  the books, try to borrow them from your local library. The collection can be used by all families including those whose first language is not English or literacy challenges.

Individual Multicultural RAPP Packs can be downloaded below: