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Run Your Own Spelling Bee

We always knew we had a winner on our hands with this event, but it wasn’t until 2004 that we developed our Bee in a Box Kit. This Kit, available for purchase, includes the infrastructure to hold a Bee as well as word collections for this event. Both the event title and the logo are trademarked. There are now many other organizations in the province running their own unique versions of the Bee.

If you would like more information about our Bee in a Box Kit, please email Martha or call 613.547.2012.

Reading and Parents Program (RAPP) – Resource Manuals for Literacy Programs, Family Resource Programs and Teachers of Young Children

The Reading and Parents Program (RAPP) Resource Manuals are intended to help literacy organizations introduce a family literacy component to their existing programs. The manuals include information on how to use a variety of different books and related activities in your family literacy program. The books, combined with the activities, are referred to as “RAPP packs.” Each RAPP pack includes:

  •  a selection of reading and language hints
  •  a craft idea and the materials to complete the craft
  •  a selection of poetry based on the theme of the book
  •  children’s fine motor activities (for both younger and older children)

Individual organizations supply the books themselves, as well as a tape of the book and the poetry
(if permission to tape the book has been granted).

RAPP packs are designed to encourage family reading and to help parents support their children’s emergent literacy skill development. RAPP can easily be adapted to produce packs that are tailored to suit all families with children aged 0 to 10 years, regardless of the size of the family.

Kingston Literacy & Skills currently has the following RAPP collection for sale:


RAPP Multicultural Collection

RAPP The Multicultural Collection

Developed by the Family Literacy Program of Kingston Literacy & Skills

© 2011 by Kingston Literacy & Skills (KL&S)
ISBN 978-0-9737941-3-7

The books in The Multicultural Collection are:

  1. A Seed in Need
  2. All the Colors of the Earth
  3. Can You Say Peace?
  4. Giraffes Can’t Dance
  5. Handa’s Hen
  6. Hush!
  7. Night Monkey, Day Monkey
  8. Over in the Grasslands
  9. Papa Do You Love Me?
  10. Stranger in the Woods
  11. The Tiger Child
  12. We All Went on Safari

$35.00 plus shipping and handling.



TIES Essential Skills Profiles feature the top 50 entry-level jobs in Canada

Training Incorporating Essential Skills – TIES

Essential Skills Profiles: Top 50 Entry-Level Jobs in Canada

by Karen McGregor and Carla Douglas

© 2011 by Kingston Literacy & Skills
ISBN 0-9695912-5-x

Those who work with entry-level job seekers have reported that their clients need improved Essential Skills if they are to find and retain work in today’s competitive market. The TIES profiles are an important resource for assisting in this endeavour.

Featuring the top 50 entry-level jobs nationally, the profiles include Essential Skills levels 1 and 2 tasks that clients need to master in order to perform successfully at work. This resource links literacy practitioners, case managers, employment counsellors, assessors, employers, and lower-skill clients within the common framework of Essential Skills. It is a valuable guide for anyone supporting clients with employment goals.

$40 (plus $10 shipping/handling)