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    Gain confidence when it comes to family literacy activities with your children.

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    Get advice, suggestions, practical strategies and learning activities that boost your children’s literacy development and reading readiness.

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    Gain information on how you can prepare your children for school.

Family & Early Literacy

Family Literacy is about the way families use literacy and language in their daily lives. Consider the way you learn with your own children, and the ways in which you and your family use literacy to complete everyday tasks. Think about how you can help your own children develop their literacy skills, and how to use literacy to maintain relationships with each other and the community. We’re here to help every step of the way.

Family Literacy Programming

Family Literacy programming in Canada is varied. Some programs provide separate programming for children and parents, as well as opportunities for parents to practice what they have learned while interacting with their child. Other programs are targeted towards parents and caregivers only.

Family Literacy Activities

Any of the following activities can be part of a family literacy program:

  • learning and sharing rhymes and songs
  • telling and writing family stories
  • making a book
  • teaching parents strategies for reading effectively with their children
  • having parents reflect on their own childhood and school experiences in learning to read and write
  • educating parents about their role in preparing their child for school
  • discussing parenting and child development topics (self-esteem, developmental stages, discipline etc.)
  • doing hands-on activities that teach parents about how children learn through dramatic play
  • discovering how to find learning opportunities in everyday routines

Workshop-Format Programs

Workshop-format programs are generally held once a week. These programs can last for as little as four weeks or as long as sixteen weeks or more. In more intensive programs, participants attend several times a week over a period of months.

Programs can include an adult upgrading component where parents have opportunities to earn high school credits, learn essential computer skills, or gain employment skills. In other programs, the development of adult literacy is more implicit than explicit.

Common Assumptions

Despite great variety, all family literacy programs share a foundation of common assumptions:

  • the parent is a child’s first and most important teacher between birth and age six, when children learn essential skills that lay the foundation for later success in school and for life-long learning
  • children learn best in the context of warm and nurturing family relationships
  • parents want their children to succeed and are motivated to support their children’s learning
  • literacy is not just a set of school competencies, but a way of interacting within the family and the community
  • children’s literacy activities can include play, talk, rhymes and song, telling and reading stories, music and dancing, and drawing and scribbling
  • parents can provide learning opportunities for their children using free or low-cost materials in the course of everyday life at home and in the community
  • parents are learners too, and in learning to support their children, they maintain and develop their own literacy skills

Early Literacy

Early Literacy Goals

The Early Literacy Specialists (ELS) work with community groups and organizations to strengthen, support and promote literacy and language development for children from birth to age six and their families.

Our Early-Learning Specialists

Our Early Literacy Specialists work tirelessly to design and deliver literacy outreach and training workshops to program staff, parents and caregivers. Classes are free to adults 18 years of age or older.

Our specialists also provide parents and early learning professionals with advice, suggestions, practical strategies and learning activities that boost children’s literacy development and reading readiness, as well as information to parents and caregivers to help them prepare children for school entry.

Furthermore, our specialists increase community knowledge and awareness about literacy, and collaborate with various organizations such as the Ontario Early Years Centre, libraries, schools, school boards, childcare providers and preschool speech and language programs to develop and support literacy initiatives within communities.

What Will You Gain?

While results will differ among families, many parents and caregivers notice improved school readiness for their children, as well as an enhanced ability to support early literacy and language development in young children within their communities.

It doesn’t end there; parents and caregivers will also gain more awareness on early brain development and the importance of positive stimulation and nurturing, as well as more confidence and greater pleasure when it comes to taking part in family literacy activities.

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Let your learning take you to places you’ve only dreamed of.

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