Let’s Read is a six step strategy.
  1. Pre-Natal Awareness
  2. Newborn Literacy Kits (at Ontario Early Years Centres and other parent resource programs when available)
  3. Book Nooks at participating medical centres across KFL&A
  4. 18-month book giveaways and parental guidance by primary care providers at participating medical clinics
  5. Literacy kits at local libraries for loan to families
  6. Book giveaways to school readiness programs in North Kingston
Let’s Read benefits the whole community:
  • Babies and preschool children across KFL&A
  • Parents
  • Healthcare providers
  • Libraries
A more literate society is a healthier society.

Let’s Read enables families and healthcare providers to be more

informed about language and literacy development, which means

that children are more likely to receive books and rich early literacy

experiences. A child who has been read to every day from birth is more likely to

succeed at school and to lead a longer, healthier life.

Let’s Read enhances success for the children in our community.

Literacy Facts:
Individuals with low levels of literacy:
  • Have significantly higher levels of health problems
  • Use special education, mental health treatment, juvenile and correctional service systems more extensively
  • Are marginalized in low paying jobs
  • Have a higher level of participation in health and social welfare services
What we know for sure:  Learning begins at birth!