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November 2016                            Bilingual Toddlers

September 2016                           When Pokemon Go to School

August 2016                                   A Few Notes about Music and Babies

July 2016                                         Books of Our Pride and Joy

June 2016                                        The Story of the Corn Husk Doll

May 2016                                         Opening a Can of Worms with Idioms

April 2016                                        With Rhyme and Reason

March 2016 Supporting New Immigrants to Canada through Dual Language Books
February 2016 At the Grocery Store
December 2015 The Simple Gift of Books for Children
November 2015 Dreams of Freedom
October 2015 Setting our Sights on Baby’s Eyes
September 2015 International Peace Day
August 2015 Countdown to Kindergarten
July 2015 Fun and Games with Children this Summer
June 2015 Discovering the First Strawberries in an Indigenous Legend
May 2015 Bee a Speller
April 2015 Books for Children and the Environment
March 2015 Gestures and Language Development
February 2015 Black History Month
January 2015 Ringing In and Singing In the New Year
December 2014 Books for the Christmas Season
November 2014 Nurture of Nature Boosts Reading Skills
October 2014 Going on a Book Hunt- National Library Week
September 2014 Giving Thanks for Books and Learning
August 2014 Storytime Goes Digital
July 2014 Einstein-inspired Summer Stories
June 2014 Aboriginal Storytelling
May 2014 Boost Speech and Language Development
April 2014 April is Poetry Month
March 2014 Come Walk in My Moccasins Newsletter
February 2014 Let the Games Begin – Physical Literacy
January 2014 Just Killing Time
December 2013 Choosing Children’s Holiday Books
November 2013 Time Sensitive Books for Young Children
October 2013 Halloween-Inspired Books for Children
September 2013 Good Words to Know Before School
July 2013 Canadian Eh?
June 2013 Getting Ready for School
May 2013 Come Walk in My Moccasins
April 2013 Mixing Blue with Green
March 2013 Doin’ it Right Checklist
February 2013 The Heart of Emotional Literacy
January 2013 10 Book Sharing Strategies for Wiggly Children
December 2012 Holiday Books for the Giving
November 2012 How Working Memory Affects Children’s Reading Skills
October 2012 Why Story Telling Helps Children – On a Dark and Stormy Night
September 2012 When Literacy Goes Digital in the Lives of Young Children
August 2012 Get Ready Get Set Go
July 2012 It’s a Picasso
June 2012 Learning Together Through Aboriginal Stories
May 2012 A Prescription to Read!
April 2012 Brainy Babies without TV
March 2012 The Equation for Budding Mathematicians
February 2012 The Spin on Nurturing Empathy Among Children
January 2012 Reading for the Fun of It
December 2011 Are you Ready for Christmas
November 2011 Dishing Up Books for the Picky Eater
October 2011 Home Child Care News
September 2011 Home Routines Can Help Children with Back to School
August 2011 Playtime for Baby and You
July 2011 Singing the Praises of Music to Literacy
June 2011 Books for Sharing This Strawberry Moon
May 2011 Reading for Meaning
April 2011 Playing to Learn in Canada and Jamaica
March 2011 Telling a Spring Break Tale
February 2011 Writing with Heart
January 2011 What Makes a Good Children’s Picture Book?
December 2010 Getting Ready for Christmas
November 2010 Supporting Children’s Resiliency Through Picture Books
October 2010 It’s Clee with a C
September 2010 Spending Time with Dad
August 2010 Turning Children On to Books
July 2010 In The Afterglow of Canada Day
June 2010 Listen, Sing, Read
May 2010 May is Speech and Hearing Month
April 2010 Earth Day Books For Children
March 2010 Stories in Wonderland
February 2010 Creating Attachment with Books
January 2010 Sing a Song for Learning
December 2009 Opening More Than Presents
November 2009 Why ‘Once Upon a Time’ Matters
October 2009 Eye See So That Eye Can Learn
September 2009 Say What? Strengthening Comprehension Skills
August 2009 Shoot for the Stars with Librarian-recommended Books for School
July 2009 Lend Your Child a Hand (Idioms)
June 2009 Visual Literacy
April 2009 Second Language Learning and Literacy
March 2009 Bee a Speller
February 2009 Black History Month
January 2008 Story Time Sense
December 2008 Christmas Books
November 2008 Reading Games
October 2008 What Babies See
September 2008 Before I Learn to Write