Theme 2: Literacy at Home


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Theme Guide for Literacy at Home

resources-1.jpgAdditional Resources

Strategies Parents Can Use to Support Struggling Readers

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As Your Child Grows

Three Little Lambsphotocopy back to back to make a booklet

Choosing Books

Read to Your Kids!

Sam’s Rainy Day Boots

Math Goes Shopping


As Your Child Learns

The Struggle for Literacy

girl_boy_girl.jpgChildren’s Program

Children’s Program for Literacy at Home



Above and Beyond

  • Draw a family tree diagram.
  • Bring in family photos and write captions.
  • Write short stories about family events and memories.
  • Interview other people from a variety of backgrounds and cultures about their family customs.
  • Visit a library and borrow parenting magazines.
  • Read articles in parenting magazines and write reviews.
  • Prepare a newsletter or fact sheets on parenting topics.
  • Explore the Statistics Canada website for data on families and multiculturalism.