Learning Outcomes


The adult literacy field in Ontario uses a “learning outcomes approach”. This means that the end product of the learning is always kept in sight.

The learning outcome is what the student needs to be able to do in order to reach his or her goal. The learning plan, the content of the tutoring sessions, and the homework activities are all geared towards reaching that desired learning outcome.

Obviously, setting goals near the beginning of the program is a very important part of the process.

As a tutor, you will need to choose activities and materials that help the student achieve the learning outcome that leads to his or her goal. So you see why one curriculum doesn’t fit all.

Here are some examples:

Learning Activity Learning Outcome
Teach Rosy how to read a diagram. She assembles the new computer desks at work.
Show Sheila how to play the odds in blackjack. She visits Casino Rama, plays, and wins a few.
Teach Steve how to calculate percent. He calculates discounts on shopping flyers and decides if to buy or not.
Work with Jim on spelling common words. He e-mails his sister regularly.
Kathy and her tutor work on writing complete sentences. She corresponds with her kid’s teacher.
Barb learns how to break down and read long, technical words. She reads the text book for her hairdressing course.
You are all working on tutor training Session 3 Plan reading lessons for the specific needs of your student.


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