Introduction to RAPP

The first Reading And Parents Program (RAPP) pack was developed in 1990. It was designed to encourage family reading and help parents support their children’s emergent literacy skill development. The RAPP pack contains a quality children’s book, reading and language hints, a craft idea, poetry and activity sheets all relating to the theme of the book. The packs can be easily adapted to produce packs that are individually suited for loaning to all families who have children aged from birth to ten years, regardless of the size of the family.

Introduction to Creating and Using RAPP (PowerPoint Presentation)

The following files can be used to help setup a RAPP program:

Parent Information Sheet Introduction to RAPP Collection
RAPP Lending Record RAPP Pack Definitions
RAPP Preparation
Where RAPP may be used
List of contents of RAPP Manuals
RAPP Box label
Return labels Avery 8162 RAPP
RAPP Planner
RAPP Volunteer Job Description
RAPP Flyer
Final RAPP Report
RAPP Report Reminder
Brown Bear (Sample RAPP)

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