Becoming a Volunteer at KL&S

1. Complete our Volunteer Application Form

Volunteer Application Forms may be downloaded, printed or picked up in person at 859 Princess Street.

Return your completed application form:

2. Interview

You will be contacted to set up an interview once we receive your completed Volunteer Application Form. At this interview we will discuss your skills and interests, and any available volunteer positions that may suit your goals and availability.

3. Criminal Record Check (CPIC) and Vulnerable Sector Check

Once a suitable volunteer opportunity has been found for you, you may be required to obtain a Criminal Record Check and if necessary, a Vulnerable Sector Check.

All volunteers interacting with clients, serving on the Board of Directors, or who come into contact with children, are required to provide a current Criminal Record Check. As well, all volunteers who work directly with children are required to provide both a current Criminal Record Check and a current Vulnerable Sector Check. Volunteers are expected to provide these Checks at their own expense.

If you live in Kingston, click here for details on the process.

If you live in Napanee, click here for details on the process.

4. Orientation

Attend a KL&S orientation session.

5. Start volunteering with Kingston Literacy & Skills!