Assignment 5

  1. The whole point of learning how to do math is to use it in some useful, relevant way in your everyday life. For example, you learn how to add decimals so you can total the bill in a restaurant. You learn to divide decimals so you can comparison shop and work out the best deal when buying in bulk. Think of a few real life applications you could use to teach each of the following math concepts:

    writing numbers
    adding fractions
    reading charts or graphs
    measuring volume
    calculating percentages
    using ratios in problem solving
    using positive and negative numbers
    using formulas, solving algebraic equations
    using the Pythagorean theorem

  2. Think of five tangible items that would be useful to include in a math tutor’s kit. In other words, items that you could carry around in your backpack and use to help teach math concepts.
  3. Send your answers for questions 1 and 2 to Stacy. She will pass them out to everyone at the next session.


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